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    R is for Romance

    Ah, Romance. Novels, love songs, chick flicks – all can stir those feelings of love and romance. Things that make women and girls hearts go all soft and mushy. The same things that typically make my husband and male friends roll their eyes.

    My Sunday morning started with the usual routine. My husband works night shift, so while he is sleeping in, I complete my Sunday morning activities, and then settle in for a few hours working in my office. As I checked the movie channels, I was pleasantly surprised to find an Outlander marathon playing on Starz. What is more romantic than a love story, set in the Scottish Highlands, with men in kilts? I couldn’t think of anything. After all, it is Valentine’s Day.

    I was not familiar with the Outlander books until a year or so ago when I saw the previews to the upcoming release of the show. I decided I couldn’t wait for the series to find out more. Since I am much more likely to listen to books on tape than to sit down and read a book with several hundred pages, I quickly went through thirty hours of audio learning the story of Clare and Jamie. I was hooked, and anxiously awaited the start of the series which would bring the story to life.

    The episode entitled “The Wedding”, is the epitome of romance. It is a wonderful story, very tastefully done. It makes my heart melt as I watch this episode. It always amazes me how a book or movie with a beautiful story can evoke such powerful emotions. It makes my heart feel warm and happy. I will return to reality soon enough. For now, I am enjoying a few hours of romance on this cold Sunday. I can’t think of anything more fitting for my Valentine’s Day.

    Enjoy the romance.

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